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Class Descriptions

Spinning Traditional cardio spin class

Bike'nTone Cardio spin workout with strength training at the end of class

TripleThreat Spin class with intervals of cardio, weights, and standing abs

Fierce! Spin class featuring fast and furious cardio intervals with resistance and core exercises in between

Barre Tone your buns and thighs, flatten your abs and sculpt your arms

Step'nTone Cardio workout using a step with risers, toning exercises added

CardioHABIT Target those problem areas-Hips, Abs, Buns, Inner Thighs with cardio added to the mix

Fit/Fusion A fusion of cardio, strength, core sculpting and endurance

CardioChaos Instructors choice! Anything goes

BodySculpt Muscular training using weights, barbells, bands, steps and mat work

Pilates Strengthen your core, back and legs, while improving your flexibility, coordination and balance Most exercises are done laying down. Stability ball may be used

CardioWalk Challanging walking class conducted on our main floor track. Some strength work is included

Zumba** A unique class utilizing Latin and international music, rhythms and steps. Ditch the Workout. Join the Party!

Zumba Gold** This class is like Zumba using the samemusic, rhythms, and steps but at a slower tempo

DrumsAlive!** Drum your way to fitness with choreography designed to burn fat, improve fitness and above all-have fun!

** $5 members, $10 nonmembers. Multiclass discounts available